A Classic Cookie

Toll House

The chocolate chip cookie is a go-to classic. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it satisfies that sweet tooth like nothing else. Chocolate chip cookies are timeless. You can eat them any time, any day, any where, hot or cold. Chocolate chip cookies are accessible. You can always find some version of the cookie from high-end bakeries to your neighborhood deli. Chocolate chip cookies are valuable. You can trade them, barter with them, withhold them on the schoolyard and at home. Chocolate chip cookies are constant. They are as good then when you were a child making them yourself as they are now when you make them for your grandchildren.
Is it the sublime combination of warm buttery cookie with melting semi-sweet chocolate? Isn’t it alarming how quickly the cooling batch disappears from the rack? And why don’t they last more than a few days?

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