Chocolate Sables and Sylk

We need to entertain more. It’s so much fun to get together with friends and such a great excuse to dress up, cook, and share some of the great wine we’ve accumulated. Our dear friends Carl and Lynn have decided Not to produce their Fabulous red wine, Sylk, any longer and it was a sad day when we heard the news. It’s one of our very favorites and what better way to pay homage than to share it with friends. It really is a beautiful bottle. Try and get some while you still can:
I’ve become addicted to Smitten Kitchen! My sister gifted me a copy of the cookbook at Christmas and I had never heard of it. But now, I love her blog and look forward to it every week. It and Sylk were the inspirations for our dinner party last Saturday.
We started off with appetizers – beautiful and light gougere’s and asparagus wrapped in proscuitto. Then we sat down for our first course, roasted red and gold beets with goat cheese and basil. We followed with Lucca Ravioli, one of my favorite places to shop. Cheese Ravioli with pesto sauce and parmesan shavings. Main course was grilled lamb chops with Smitten’s cauliflower feta fritters. Another really fun and different side dish to our lamb chops. Top them with a yogurt sauce and pomegranate seeds. And they freeze and reheat beautifully! Another entertaining plus! Deb’s chocolate sables are also delicious and so easy to make! I served them with coffee ice cream and another great Almond Shortbread cookie for dessert. It was a lovely Saturday evening! If you’d like any of the recipes just let me know!


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