Juice Caboose

To juice your body is to love your body. It’s time to get serious and get healthier! I’d been reading a lot about the benefits of a juice fast and in my research I also came across a lot of related information on raw foods, veggie and veganism, and No Meat Monday. I have to say, it all makes so much sense to me.

My husband and I just finished a raw food/juice cleanse combo for six days and we’ve been keeping it up with a mostly raw or vegan diet this week. First the food we had with the cleanse program was absolutely delicious. Who knew raw could be so tasty? Honestly, not me. I’m a cheese lover for heaven’s sake. It was a great surprise and compelled me to check out the book, “The Conscious Cook” by Tal Ronnen. Now some of his recipes are way to labor intensive for a working gal to do on a nightly basis, but there are some excellent takeaways. His remoulade is delicious. I used it to dress veggie lettuce wraps and the leftovers act as a great dip for crudite.  I made his Green Bean & Fingerling Potato Salad with Miso Dressing last night and loved it. Doesn’t it look like it would taste good?

Not only am I fully satisfied eating this way but I’m not hungry. I don’t have as much a craving for sweets as I usually do nor am I snacking like I used to. Now, it’s only been about two weeks, so I could be singing a different tune by the next post but I think there is some happy medium. I’ve become very conscious of what goes into my body.

I will not however, give up chocolate cake or homemade cookies. I just may give more of them away than I usually do! And as I’ve learned Starch (I’m putting cake and cookies in the Starch category) + Veg is OK. It’s Starch + Protein that’s not.

Here’s the latest effort. A combination of the two cakes from my last post. I can’t wait to taste it!

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